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Notice: Shipping cost at checkout are calculated on the 48 lower states. Foreign orders will be invoiced the difference for actual shipping cost.

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Three Material Options

Sunbrella which is the most well known fabric, is a 100% woven solution dyed acrylic with a fluorocarbon finish. Excellent UV, water and mildew resistance. Recommended for aircraft that will be outside 24/7 and in high winds.This material comes with a 3 year warranty. We recommend this material for aircraft that will be in harsh environments continually.  Each windshield cover has a Matrix lining sewn for the windshield for added protection.  Sunbrella comes in a variety of colors.


SurLast/Aqualast is a 100%  solution dyed light weight Polyester with a urethane coating. Excellent UV, high level water and mildew resistance. This material comes with a 3 year warranty. We recommend this material for aircraft that will be outside continually and in harsh sun rays.  SurLast comes in a variety of colors if requested. Recommended for aircraft that will be outside 24/7 and in high winds. This material is ideal for pilots that travel often. This material is light weight and easy to travel with and comes in a variety of colors. Each windshield cover has a Matrix lining sewn for the windshield for added protection.


Discounted Fabrics are offered to our customers at substantial savings. We are constantly searching our suppliers for factory seconds or closeout specials. These fabrics (SurLast, AquaLast, AquaGun and WeatherMax) have the same 3 year warranty.  We have a limited supply and limited color options. If you order the discounted cover, please provide your first choice of color. Let us know via email the two other color choices you prefer in case the primary color is not available. We will send you a cover in the color and type of material that is in stock.


Click here to print off the antenna measurement form

 Cessna 172      

Pictures are for illustrations purposes. Trim for all covers will be in black unless otherwise specified. Tank extensions extend out (approx.) 22 inches from edge of cover.

Cessna 170/172/175 Sunbrella WI/S Cabin Cover
Cessna Model
Year of aircraft

Cessna 170/172175 SurLast/AquaLast Windshield Cover
Cessna Model
Year of aircraft
Cessna 170/172/175 Disc. Fabrics Windshield Cabin Cover
Cessna Model
Year of aircraft
Tank Extensions
Corner Accent Color $10.00
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Production Time and Modifications

Our covers are custom made for each aircraft to accommodate color, antennas and temp probes.  A Modification form will be emailed to you after order is placed. Modifications for temp probe and antennas are included in your order without charge. Shipping time is 10-14 business days (M-F) after payment is received by our financial institution. Larger multiple orders may take an additional 5 business days. Please call if you have any questions. 906-343-6664 Fax 208-275-5589

How to install you windshield cover

1. The windshield cover will come with a lining for the front windshield. Knowing this will prevent the cover from being installed backward.
2. Place the lining portion of the cover on the windshield and roll the cover back to the rear of the aircraft. Always be careful of the antennas as not to damage them when installing or removing you cover..
3. Once the cover in unrolled, it can be lowered down on each side of the aircraft.
4. Install the front strap of the cover around the cowling area. Do not tighten. Just snug the strap to keep the cover in place.
5. Install the rear strap of the cover around the rear of the aircraft. Do not tighten. Just snug the strap to keep the cover in place.
6. Now Velcro the door panels together on each side. (this applies to high wing. Lower wing please disregard)
7. Now position the front of the cover correctly and then tighten the strap. The proper way to tighten the strap is not to pull on it, but rather disconnect the buckle from the female portion and adjust the webbing and snap back in place. Pulling on the strap might cause damage to the buckle. You might need to do this several times until the proper tension is achieved. After you have the strap adjusted there should be no need to adjust it again.
8. Now pull on the rear of the cover toward the rear of the aircraft. This will remove wrinkles and tighten and sags in the doors. Tighten the rear strap the same way as the front strap. Once the cover is in place, you and slide the strap toward the rear if needed as well as stretch the cover to desired tension.
9. To remove the cover,  disconnect the straps and pay the straps on top of the aircraft. From the rear of the aircraft pull and roll the cover up and you pull it toward you.

Things to do and things not to do

1. Do not leave you cover on the aircraft for long periods of time. The cover needs to be removed periodically to remove any moisture that might have developed between the cover and the aircraft.
2. You can install the cover on the aircraft when the cover is wet, but when you are able and the weather permits, remove the cover and let the aircraft dry as well as the cover.
3. You can wash your cover. To wash, leave the cover on the aircraft and wash with a brush and a mild detergent. Rinse and let dry. Remove the cover and check if there is any moister. If there is, let dry and reinstall the cover. Do not put your cover in a washing machine.



Our Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty -We stand behind our windshield covers with a  3 year  warranty for defects in workmanship or product failure under normal conditions. If for any reason your cover needs corrective adjustments or repairs, if in the lower 48 states please ship it back to us along with check for  $22.50 (Current shipping and handling cost). Canada and other countries,  please send actual payment for return shipping back to you via USPS for shipping and handling and we will take care of the needed repair or adjustment with no labor or material charge to you. All shipping to and from our location is the customerís responsibility. All warranty repairs are under the condition of normal use and conditions.

Repair/Replacement/Upgrade - If your cover is returned for replacement because of product failure (replacement or repair will be at our discretion), your cover will be pro-rated up to the  3-year warranty period for the purchase price from the purchase date of the cover. The unused portion of the pro-ration of the purchase price will be credited towards another cover from our company. No cash refunds, You may even apply your unused pro-rated credits toward the purchase price of a cover of equal or higher value. Our goal is your satisfaction! Because of the custom-made features as antenna modifications, customer selected colors or covers that are soiled (but not limited to) when installed on an aircraft, we will not be able to refund or reimburse the purchase price or any related warranty shipping cost for any cover purchased from our company. Our warranty is limited to repairs, adjustments or replacement at our discretion. All sales are final sales. All shipping to and from our location is the customerís responsibility. The above warranty applies only to normal use of the windshield cover under normal circumstances. If their is a replacement because of product failure, we reserve the right to upgrade your replacement cover at our discretion with another type of cover or different material that may be more conducive to the elements that may have led to product failure. Any balance due because of an upgrade must be paid before order can be shipped. Other products that we offer carry a 90-day warranty.

Returns, credits and 7 day discovery period - It is our desire to supply you with a quality cover from our company. Please understand that when the order is placed, you will be emailed measuring instructions for antennas and temp probes locations in the event that any modifications are needed. We ask that you use the form that we send you and follow instruction as listed. This form is provided to eliminate any mistakes, problems or confusion in production of the cover you have ordered. However, please understand that in the event of warranty repair or adjustments, you must have a return authorization and return authorization number to accompany your return for repairs, and or adjustments only. Once you have the proper return authorization and number, please return the cover back to us for repair and or adjustments. All covers returned to us must be accompanied with return shipping cost of $18.50. New products from our company have a 7-day discovery inspection period for defects pertaining to product failure or manufacturing defects from confirmed delivery date. Return shipping cost back to us because of our error will be awarded in the form of a mailing label sent to you or an in store credit towards any product from our company. Returns that are sent back to our company with a mailing label provided by us is limited to a 7-day inspection discovery period after confirmed delivery date. (During discovery period. Orders that are outside of the 48 lower states will have a $18.50 credit towards return shipping to and from our company. Shipping balance will be the customerís responsibility). After the 7 day discovery period for errors in production has expired, all shipping cost will be the customers responsibility. Complementary products, work or services that we provide are not covered under this warranty. By the purchasing of this product and other products made by airplane-covers.com and Custom Cabin Covers, you the purchaser are indicating that you have read, understand and accept our warranty and return policies. Furthermore, this acceptance will act as notice of your willingness and intent of purchase as well as to act as notice to credit card companies used by you the purchaser that you accept and fully understand our warranty and return policies.

Notice of restocking fee

The products listed on this site and are purchased by the consumer, are considered custom made to order products. In the event we allow (All authorized returns are at our sole discretion ) returns, there will be a 25% restocking fee. Buy using and purchasing products off of this website you are agreeing to these and all terms listed thereby.